Tryon Museum

The Tryon Museum interprets the history of the area and displays an antique radio collection. The museum is located at 47 Route 10, Tryon, and is open year-round by chance or appointment. The co-ordinates are:,-63.543211,3a,75y,160.84h,69.52t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1solfZuQ-gv0pF_7bJ_7tp1Q!2e0


A Paleo-Indian Spearpoint found along the Tryon River is dated to be 11,000 years old and is the oldest artefacts ever found on the Island.

Paleo-Indian Spearpoint


Aboriginal Display

The Acadians settled in the area in the mid 1700s clearing land and farming  the salt marshes. The Common Reed used for thatching and ditches for irrigation are still visible on the marsh today. To follow the history of the Acadians on PEI please go to this website:

Common Reed

Acadians Inside the Home

Acadians Inside the Home

Acadians Saltmarsh Haying

Acadians Saltmarsh Haying

Tryon and surrounding area is part of the approximately 20,000 acres belonging to Lot 28. In 1764-65 Capt. Samuel Holland, 1871PEICentSurveyor General of British North America, started his surveys with the Island of St. John, as PEI was called then. Holland was granted Lot 28 and brought the first English settlers to the area.

Surveyor General Capt. Samuel Holland

Artefacts and Displays in the museum relate to the work carried on by these pioneers.


Radio Collection

On-Line Radio Museum

The Radio Museum interprets the development of radio on PEI beginning in the 1920s. Various restored radio models are on display as well as equipment from the original  CJRW AM radio station in Summerside.

3 Responses to Tryon Museum

  1. Dave Wood says:

    Dear Jack Sorensen: Thank you so much for the tour you gave me on Sept 7 of the Tryon Cemetery and also your wonderful radio collection at the museum. One of your radios had an old Eveready battery that you rebuilt using a number of 9 volt batteries. I worked for Eveready of 36 years. If you can provide me with the model number of that battery I may be able to send the original specifications to you.
    Best regards,
    Dave Wood

  2. Really-O says:

    Sure, that will be fine. Thanks, Jack

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