The Tryon & Area Historical Society Inc. was officially incorporated on Feb. 28, 2008. The purpose of the Society is to collect, preserve, and promote the history of the community. The Society is an Institutional Member of the Community Museums Association of PEI (CMA/PEI).

In the past few years the Society has identified and listed a large amount of community resources consisting of people, information , and artifacts.  Interpretation of our heritage takes place in historical presentations, talks, tours, recitals, and various displays. Members of the Society also conduct tours at the Tryon Museum. An important collection owned by the Society is the Millie Gamble Photograph Collection which depicts early life in the community. The collection is displayed at the Tryon Baptist Church.

We enjoy a great relationship with other local associations: South Shore United Church, Tryon Baptist Church, Tryon Peoples’ Cemetery, and Tryon River Watershed Cooperative.

Since Marshlands are some of the oldest “living artefacts” found within our community, we have selected a scene from the Tryon River Trail as a header for our web site.

Information about TAHS, the museum, or related organizations can be obtained by contacting Jack Sorensen, Chair TAHS. jacksorensen@pei.sympatico.ca, or call 1-902-658-2009, or visit website www.reallyohandcrafts.com

2 Responses to About

  1. Mike Hudson says:

    It was special of Jack to take the time to show us our ancestors’ resting place
    Mike Hudson
    Bend, Oregon USA

  2. Mary Cudmore says:

    Keep up the great work, it’s so good to hear that the Tryon history and artifacts will be in good hands.

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